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Insight for Sales Reps


Customer-Centric Sales Training

Leverage real world customer dialogues to increase field sales effectiveness

Verilogue’s Customer-Acumen™ program is the only sales training that brings your reps inside the exam room with real, unscripted interactions between physicians and patients. These interactions expose conversation triggers, factors driving treatment choice, and context at the point of prescription.

Your reps will develop an accurate understanding of the real-world healthcare environment and the skills, attitude, and knowledge necessary to conduct meaningful, impactful discussions with physicians.


Verilogue sales training applies to a variety of learning and development situations:

Learning Opportunities

  • Initial Sales Training
  • Advanced Skills Training
  • District/Regional Meetings
  • Distance Learning
  • New Product Launch
  • Redeployment into New Product
  • Disease or Customer Specialty


  • Newly Hired and Promoted
  • Tenured Sales Professionals
  • Sales Training and Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • "I firmly believe this helped us improve our selling skills, help more patients, and sell more [BRAND NAME]!"
    Executive Director, Central Region
  • "An excellent tool to frame our reference around what is actually happening in the exam room and to help us plan discussions with our prescribers on what these conversations sound like with their patients"
    Sales Representative
  • "The overall sessions were well structured and built upon one another. The physician perspective audio was TREMENDOUSLY INSIGHTFUL. I would advocate that we try to use these more often wherever we can"
    District Sales Manager
  • "...We see the value in this tool, and we are using it to support our pre-call planning with patient-physician dialogue focus and it is making a difference"
    District Manager
  • "The info at our NSM was a great motivator for us to get more effective at influencing the patient conversation counseling"
    Vice President and GM
  • "Gives you insight to physician recall and generalizations being made"
    Sales Representative
  • "By far the highest rated experience at the sales meeting"
    Executive Director, Learning/Development
  • "For the first time in years, I finally understand the importance of needs-based selling"
    Sales Representative
  • "Very helpful. [the iPad app] gives insight and inspiration. I have and will use it again"
    Sales Representative