Dialogue Research

Insight. Directly from Real
Physician-Patient Conversations


Complementary methodologies provide revealing context to patient and clinician realities

Verilogue augments dialogue research with multi-modal qualitative research methodologies that work together with dialogue findings to uncover meaningful connections, identify unique insights, and increase efficiencies. These additional methodologies include:

Physician and Patient
TDI Follow-Up
Verilogue’s experienced moderators recruit patients and physicians from your dialogue analysis for further query into their unique perspectives, unvoiced perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs. This additional customer perspective enables in-depth analysis and reliable triangulation among varying perceptions.
Patient Video Diaries
Verilogue video diaries show the multifaceted person behind the patient. Through a balanced mix of direct patient questioning and ad-hoc recordings, Verilogue’s video diaries reveal patient background and treatment history, which help your team identify opportunities to improve patient support and learning through its marketing and communications initiatives.
Get an inside look into how patients speak about their illness and interact with your products first-hand. These genuine insights are often challenging for patients to recall during traditional research methodologies but are valuable because they enable you to compare what patients tell their physicians versus their actual behavior outside the doctor’s office. These insights will help you better understand the challenges your customers face every day.