For Patients

Join a Global Mission to
Improve Healthcare

For Patients

Why should you participate in Verilogue’s research?


To help patients like you.

Verilogue is on a global mission to improve communication between patients and physicians.

By recording conversations occurring in the exam-room between patients and physicians, Verilogue provides insights to the world’s leading healthcare and wellness organizations which help them:

  • Advance their understanding of what you experience as a patient
  • Improve their products and services to better serve you and patients like you

Verilogue research adheres to strict HIPAA guidelines regarding patient confidentiality and provides a secure and confidential way for you to share opinions during healthcare appointments. Audio recordings and transcripts are meticulously scrubbed of any and all identifiable information to protect patient and physician identities. Information we collect will never be used for direct marketing purposes.

Note:  Only medical professionals, who are official Verilogue panelists, can initiate your participation in Verilogue research.