Verilogue News and events

PharmaExec: Talk of the Town

November 29, 2009

Conversational marketing is a great resource for understanding and influencing physician–patient dialogues in the emerging healthcare environment

MedAd News: Ad-Ventures in Marketing

November 13, 2009

Med Ad News has chosen Verilogue as one of three Pharmaceutical Marketing Ventures to Watch.

Sales Force Report: The Online Rep

November 09, 2009

E-Health: How doctors use communication technology.

MedAdNews: Clinic-specific Websites on the rise

October 16, 2009

Technology is not only connecting healthcare professionals with pharmaceutical marketers. Physicians are connecting with their patients through digital channels as well.

Patient Marketing Report: Group Therapy

October 12, 2009

Pharma companies like Novo Nordisk are finding success by reaching out to existing patient communities. Ben Comer looks at the latest trends.