Horsham, PA—January 30, 2015— Verilogue’s Jeff Troy and Kaitlyn Arctander will discuss how to bridge the gap between KOL best practices and community-level realities at the 2015 Pharma Market Research Conference being held in Parsippany, New Jersey on February 4-5.

Verilogue’s presentation entitled, “The Things We Do with Words: Using Linguistics to Enhance your Brand Strategy,” will focus on the pivotal role of linguistics in the doctor/patient interaction. The presentation will delve into the importance of deriving meaningful insights from both what’s said in the exam room, as well as what’s left unsaid between doctors and their patients.

Verilogue’s presentation, entitled “Co-Constructing the Ideal Physician-Patient Dialogue: Bridging the Gaps Between KOL Best Practices and Community-Level Realities,” will examine the gap between research and practice. The presentation will explain an exclusive Verilogue methodology, Adboard Advantage, and how it provides actionable insights to drive the conversation forward.

Jeff and Kaitlyn will reveal the implications behind the research-practice gap, and the value of healthcare communication in bridging it. The session will be didactic with ample time for questions and answers. The presentation is grounded in the reality of multiple Adboard Advantage projects.

Jeff Troy serves as Director of Client Services at Verilogue. He has extensive supplier side experience where he has had involvement in both operations and research, and is a trained qualitative moderator with multi-specialty and patient experience. Kaitlyn Arctander serves as a Manager of Linguistics within the Client Services group at Verilogue. She has wide-ranging experience as a project manager and interactional sociolinguist, with expertise in discourse analysis and psycholinguistics drawn from sociology, ethnography and network theory. Jeff and Kaitlyn have conducted several Adboard Advantage projects both in the U.S. and globally.

The Pharma Market Research Conference is one of the most important annual events in the pharmaceutical industry—a gathering of senior-level pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics executives in market research.

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About Verilogue

Verilogue provides marketers and marketing researchers actionable insights into exam-room conversations between doctors and patients, along with access to over 90,000 recorded interactions and the medical linguistic expertise needed to gain a clear understanding of reality at the point-of-care. Verilogue delivers healthcare dialogue expertise in North America, Europe, and Asia.