Verilogue News and events

MedAd News: Unscripted Scrutiny

March 15, 2010

Deep analysis of the provider-patient dialogue can give brand-name drugs an edge in the marketplace. Jeff Kozloff looks at how this dialogue can uncover competitive threats, product positioning, and physician educational gaps.

PharmaExec: Talk of the Town

November 29, 2009

Conversational marketing is a great resource for understanding and influencing physician–patient dialogues in the emerging healthcare environment

MedAd News: Ad-Ventures in Marketing

November 13, 2009

Med Ad News has chosen Verilogue as one of three Pharmaceutical Marketing Ventures to Watch.

Sales Force Report: The Online Rep

November 09, 2009

E-Health: How doctors use communication technology.

MedAdNews: Clinic-specific Websites on the rise

October 16, 2009

Technology is not only connecting healthcare professionals with pharmaceutical marketers. Physicians are connecting with their patients through digital channels as well.